From sept/2012 to sept/2014 I worked for Vida Simples magazine providing watercolour portraits of the various columnists, the staff of the magazine, some profiled subjects and most importantly, a painting of Nelson Mandela comissioned a few days after his passing.

Portraits are tough, but it was a damn fun job :).

Art Direction: Rodolfo França
The columnists
Eugenio Mussak
Diana Corso
Rodrigo Cunha
Gustavo Gitti
Soninha Francine
The staff
Ana Holanda - Editor-in-Chief
Fabricio Miranda - Art Director
Rodolfo França - Deputy Art Director (and helluva designer)
Jeanne Callegari - Editor
Gabi Oliveira - Designer
Other portraits
Father Joe H. Pereira - Catholic Priest and Yoga Master. Founder and Managing Trustee of the Kripa Foundation.
Henrique Pistilli - Body surfer and star of the brazillian cable show Homem Peixe (Fish Man)
Nelson Mandela - A great man
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