Superinteressante - Sun Tzu's The Art of War - Editora Abril

Illustrations for each of the thirteen chapters of the classic The Art of War from ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu. In a completely new translation in modern Brazilian Portuguese from translator Alexandre Carvalho.

Art Direction: Fabrício Miranda

Chapter I - Laying Plans
Chapter II - Waging War
Chapter III - Attack by Stratagem
Chapter IV - Tactical Dispositions
Chapter V - Use of Energy
Chapter VI - Weak Points and Strong
Chapter VII - Maneuvering an Army
Chapter VIII - Variation of Tactics
Chapter IX - The Army on the March
Chapter X - Classification of Terrain
Chapter XI - The Nine Situations
Chapter XII -  Attack by Fire
Chapter XIII - Use of Spies
Original art for the cover. Yup, is pretty bloody.
Final cover, design by Fabrício Miranda
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