NerdStore - T-Shirt designs
A series of pop culture related designs for the premier nerd culture apparel shop in Brazil: The NerdStore.

Creative Direction: Renato Alfer
The idea was to create an old school/NES-era 8-bit color "weapon selection screen". Problem is: I had WAY fewer colors than a NES (or any 8-bit system) and I had to figure a way to create everything with only 6 colors.
Channeled my inner "John Byrne + Terry Austin" child for that one. 
Fun facts: I do not play D&D, watch (or read) GoT and never drew a dragon before.
My favorite one! I actually recreated the infamous Voight-Kampff machine in 3DS Max in order to render some sweet wireframe shots. Anyway, I seized the opportunity to watch the movie for the billionth time :D.
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