The idea here was to illustrate a step-by-step "guide" on how action figures are created (without, obviously, actually making one).

"Monstranho" character design by (the great) Davi Calil.
Article design and research by (the equally great) Diego Sanches.
The original design by Davi Calil.
Actually, my original studies for adapting the design were way messier, completely unsuitable for "public consumption" and lots of things changed during the sculpting process anyway. This was done based on the final sculpt for the article purposes.
Wire armature. I actually sculpted the action figure on Mudbox and THEN I proceeded to illustrate the intermediate steps.
Preliminary sculpt.
Wax model of the final design.
Painting mask for the eyes.
Package design!
The final design/render that actually wasn't used on the final article.
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