A (not so) little project I did for Ed. Moderna a while ago, for a "edutainment" adventure game called "O Roubo da Jóia"(The Theft of the Jewel), depicting a theft mystery on a (fake as hell) victorian setting.

Art coordination: Eduardo Bertolini
The cast: The main detective character, the elderly Ms. Gestácia, the rich guy Mr. Matilnaldo, the police officer (doesn't have a name, but I call him Mr. Glover), grumpy resident Mr. Vamberto, the nanny (no name and no nickname too) and the resident gossip/greasy fat guy Mr. Bregildo.
Studies for Ms. Gestácia: initially I wanted a "crazy lady with cats" vibe, but the client requested a more serious look for her. In the end, they simply said "just do a Aunt May lookalike"
This guy took a while. He was the first to be sent and the last to be approved. My initial idea was to give him a cartoony look, but as time passed, the client asked for more and more "stoicness"  and we settled with the "Danny Glover" esque face :).
The client asked for a more cartoony/Monkey Island-like art, so I thought about doing a full "traditional" illustration. But since the deadline was tight, I decided for a hybrid 3D/hand painted approach, modelling and deforming the basic shape in 3D, hand painting the albedo on Photoshop and re-importing the painting as a camera mapped texture for final composing/shading on 3D space.
The final police station rendering. Since the game is pretty simple, it was the only interior shot we produced. For the rest of the characters, we simply used zoomed versions of the town map.
The final town/main map. The target resolution was 800x600 px (yep...), but it was designed and detailed at 4000 x 3000 px for future proofing and to avoid re-painting every building for the zoomed versions.
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