Info magazine - #Vote for me

An opening spread for Info magazine, depicting the various factions involved on the 2014 brazillian elections.

An opening spread pixel art illustration for Info magazine AUG 2014 issue, depicting the various "factions" using the Internet as a tool for electoral propaganda in Brazil.

The client asked for a Clash of Clans style battlefield but in a more modern urban environment. Since my pixel art style is more "16-bit esque" I decided to mix it with Advance Wars :D.

Art direction: Rafael Costa
Article design: Fernando Saraiva
The candidates. Since I was aiming at a 16-bit/Advance Wars visual, I decided to make smaller, more expressive portraits instead of pursuing perfect likeness.
Some of the vehicles and props I created specifically for this project. The buildings and the people were recycled from older works.
The final, assembled illustration. Pretty chaotic! Just like our elections :).
The final opening spread.
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